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Chargebee 2 Exact Online Connector

Keep your financial administration in sync with Chargebee in Exact Online.

Chargebee 2 Exact Online Connector Benefits

Efficient invoicing and insight

  • Official Chargebee partner
  • Scalable to hundreds of thousands of invoices
  • Considers Exact Online API limits
  • Fully customizable without custom work
  • Enhances financial insight through fully synced information
  • Determine revenue allocation down to the line item level
  • Suitable for every stage of Chargebee implementation

Real-time Sync and Features

Seamless data synchronization

  • Real-time synchronization of:
    • Customers: contact and billing information, including custom fields
    • Products: revenue allocation on a price-point specific basis
    • Discounts: insight into given discounts
    • Invoices: sales entries or invoices, including original PDF
    • Credit notes: credit sales entries or invoices
    • Transactions (bi-directional): bank transfers and payment statuses
  • Supports various Chargebee invoice and product types
  • Seamless synchronization between Exact and Chargebee

The most comprehensive integration in the Netherlands

  • Revenue booking per product (price type) (group)
  • Revenue booking per discount (group)
  • Revenue allocation to cost centers/carriers
  • Sync & match online payments to a control account
  • Match existing customers via email address
  • Automatic adjustment of bookings for closed financial periods
  • Match deferred revenue from credit notes with invoices
  • Automatically close invoices paid via bank from Exact to Chargebee
  • Sync your custom fields from Chargebee to Exact

Tailored to your needs

Three connector options







  • The Chargebee 2 Exact Online connector is hosted in Azure. If there is an existing Azure environment, our connector can be set up within it. Otherwise, PossibilIT can host the connector (where hosting costs will be invoiced).
  • A one-time implementation fee is charged to set up, configure, and launch the connector. The exact costs depend on the version of the connector, the number of entities to be linked, and the level of customer preparation (a preparation guide is available). Contact us for more information.







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