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Chargebee 2 Exact Online Connector

Keep your financial accounting in Exact Online in sync with Chargebee

C2E Connector
Invoice Software

Official Chargebee integration partner

Sync key objects between Chargebee and Exact Online

Looking for a way to keep your financial accounting in Exact Online in sync with Chargebee? This integration, provided by official Chargebee partner 4NG, automatically syncs all your subscriptions, accounts, invoices and financial transactions between both solutions.

Some of the organizations that keep their Chargebee and Exact Online in sync with our connector:

Partners Chargebee

Key objects in sync

Automatically sync all objects that matter the most


Customers in Chargebee are automatically synced to Exact Online.

Invoices & Credit Notes

Invoices and Credit Notes created in Chargebee are updated as Sales Entries or Invoices in Exact Online.

Plans, Addons & Items

Your Chargebee Plans, Addons and Items are always up to date with your Items in Exact Online.


Chargebee checks if the total of received payments equals the invoice total. If so, Chargebee marks the invoice as Paid.

Charagebee 2 Exact Online Connector - Synced Objects

Experience the convenience of the C2E Connector

In summary: the benefits of the Exact Online integration for Chargebee

No customization

No custom configuration needed, just configure the webhooks.

Highly scalable

Architecture allows for easy scaling to accommodate any size.

Flexible hosting

Can be hosted in any Azure subscription.

Short timelines

Can be expanded to include other entities within days.

Keep it simple

No need to change either system, tracking & matching is done in the connector.

Up to date

Is continuously improved, due to updates and customer feedback.

A connector that fits your needs

We offer three versions of the Chargebee 2 Exact Online connector

C2E Connector - Versions & pricing
  • The Chargebee 2 Exact Online connector is hosted in Azure. If you have your own Azure environment, our connector can be set up in it. If not, PossibilIT can host the connector (costs for hosting will be charged).
  • A one-time implementation fee is charged to set up, configure and bring the connector live. The exact cost depends on the version of the connector, the amount of entities to be configured and the degree of preparation by the customer (a preparation guide is available). Contact us for more information.







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