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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, where you'll find comprehensive answers and insights into the functionalities and features of our Chargebee integration products. Explore below to better understand how our connectors can streamline your billing and CRM processes.

Chargebee2Exact Integration

From Chargebee to Exact: Customers, Invoices, Credit Notes, Plans/Addons/Charges/Coupons and Payments (* scale or higher). From Exact to Chargebee: Payments.

The bidirectional synchronization of payments (offline to Chargebee, online payments to Exact as a control), mapping revenue from item group up to the item price level, coupon level revenue mapping and customisable sync configuration.

Any product in Chargebee is synced to Exact where it is connected to an item group. The item group but also the item itself can be assigned to a revenue ledger. This is a manual task if you want to connect the item itself.

No, Chargebee2Exact only updates customer information provides a synchronization of the objects and information as stated on page 11, invoice status is managed through Exact’s own matching mechanism.

Yes, the connector honours all VAT configurations and uses financial periods to book (deferred) revenue. Revenue starting in already closed periods can be automatically moved to the current period. Using cost unit and cost centre mapping per country, item group and year. Even credit note deferred revenue is adjusted to match the invoice it credits if required.

Deferred revenue is determined based on the "from" and "to" fields in sales entries, with this determination being made by Exact itself, without any influence from the connector. (However, there is an option to opt out of using deferred revenue altogether through a feature.)

It is not possible to delete and regenerate invoices or credit notes in Chargebee with the same numbers. Only the original invoice or credit note will be synced.

Syncs fail only when the data synced is incorrect. A common reason for sync failures is incorrectly merged customers (resulting in a “new” customer) in Exact, incorrectly formatted VAT numbers in Chargebee that Exact validates more strict, financial periods not available (often when a new year starts). Incorrectly configured mapping of VAT, payment conditions is another, as well incomplete item revenue configuration (where neither the item and the item group have a revenue ledger assigned).

Definitely! However, you will need the Enterprise version of Chargebee2Exact to allow for a maximum of 3 different entities.

Pricing can be found on this page and is stated per month. Your Chargebee plan usually determines the version you need.

Yes. To achieve this, the following are prerequisites: an application registration in your Azure Entra ID.

Yes, based on new functionality and customer feedback we regularly update the connector.

Yes, based on your needs the connector can be configured to meet a wide range of features that control how your data is synced. When a feature is not available (yet) we are open to add that feature upon request (* depending on how specific the request is charges apply).

Chargebee2MS Dynamics 365 CRM Integration

Yes. To achieve this, the following are prerequisites: Application registration in Azure Entra ID.

No, we will sync Chargebee customer information to a separate CRM object called ''CB Customer''. The ''CB customer'' will then contain a link to the CRM account.

Yes, based on new functionality and customer feedback we regularly update the connector.

Pricing can be found on page 21 and is stated per month. Your Chargebee plan determines the version you need.

Yes! And you can map CRM ownership by each business entity.  However, you cannot map one Chargebee environment to multiple CRM tenants.

From Chargebee to CRM: Customers, Payment sources, Invoices, Credit notes, Payments, Refunds, Promotional credits, Unbilled Charges, Families, Plans, Add-ons, Charges, Coupons, Prices, Tiers, Features, Product features. From CRM to Chargebee: Accounts, Contacts, Addresses, Quotes.

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