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Zuora & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

The perfect foundation for subscription management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Zuora

Discover the Z-CRM365 connector, a smart solution that combines MS Dynamics 365 and Zuora for enhanced subscription management. With this integration, you get the best of both systems, enabling your organization to work more efficiently.

Z-CRM365 plays a crucial role in synchronizing data between Zuora and MS Dynamics 365. This connector is the heart of your subscription management landscape, offering seamless data synchronization for a cohesive customer experience.


  • Efficient Operations: Merge subscription management and CRM functionality for improved operational workflows.
  • Years of Implementation Experience: Benefit from our close collaboration with Zuora.
  • Flexible Integration: Customize Dynamics tables to perfectly match your business needs.
  • Automatically updated: All customer information is automatically updated and immediately accessible within your CRM environment.
  • Bi-directional Synchronization: Automatic updates in both Zuora and MS Dynamics 365.
  • Complete Data Management: Centralized management of customer data, invoices, and subscription information.


  • Customers: Contact and subscription details, including custom fields.
  • Invoices: Overview of all invoice statuses and related documents.
  • Contracts & Subscriptions: Real-time updates on contract changes and subscription statuses.
  • Synchronization: Automatic bi-directional data exchange between Zuora and MS Dynamics 365.
  • Tailored Approach: Customized to your business needs and workflows.

Technical Overview of the Connector

A schematic overview illustrates the data flow and integration between different systems such as CRM, Zuora Account, Zuora Subscription, and more. This helps visualize the complex data relationships and the role of the Z-CRM365 connector in simplifying these processes.

The Z-CRM365 Sync synchronizes the following objects from Zuora to Dynamics 365:

Customer Case: PTV Group

About PTV Group PTV Group provides software solutions and consultancy to enhance mobility and transportation for a cleaner, smarter future. Customers from over 120 countries worldwide rely on PTV's solutions. Their top-class software for intelligent traffic management and transportation optimization enables decision-makers in politics, cities, organizations, industries, and logistics to save time and money, make roads safer, and protect the environment.

About the Project PTV Group had been working with Zuora when they decided to switch their CRM system to Dynamics 365. PossibilIT was already involved in the integration between Zuora and the CRM system, so PTV Group asked PossibilIT to implement the Z-CRM365 connector. Subscriptions are primarily obtained through a web interface and processed automatically. It is essential that data between D365 and Zuora are synchronized, as different company divisions have direct contact with customers.

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