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The development of a login and subscription module for Videoland



To this day, Videoland is still a successful platform with Zuora serving as its base.

Task: Implement Zuora within 6 months, including an integration layer for handling back-office links and establishing a direct connection with Buckaroo.

Solution: We developed ZeS (Zuora ecom Service) as an integration layer to link all Business Logic and a Payment Gateway to handle payment traffic.

Videoland desktop case


An intermediate layer to handle integrations with the back office

Videoland wanted to launch an over-the-top service in response to the fast-growing streaming landscape. When they approached us, they were already quite advanced in the development of Videoland and RTL XL. All that was still needed for the video-on-demand part was integration with a subscription billing system so that everything could be handled in a fully automated way. By choosing Zuora, they brought in a fully scalable software that could handle the complexity of the platform with ease.

To ensure that Zuora could be linked to all the systems they were already working with, a middle layer was required. For this, we developed ZeS and a Payment Gateway, both running on software developed with .net and hosted on Azure. ZeS can link CRM systems such as Salesforce, Dynamics and Genesys to Zuora, while the Payment Gateway enables links between payment service providers, such as Buckaroo, HeidelPay and Adyen. In addition, a direct link to banks is also available.

A seamless link between the physical fan store & the webshop

For this project, we needed to act quickly, which is why we chose to work agile. Instead of extensive scoping, we directly drafted and developed the blueprints. This allowed us to implement Zuora quickly and effectively.

Within a month, we realised the configuration of Zuora. Developing ZeS, which enables communication between Zuora and systems already in use such as Buckaroo, took a little more time, but in the end we successfully delivered this functionality as well.  

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"To this day, with Videoland, RTL has a successful platform on its hands where the Zuora still serves as the foundation."


With Videoland, RTL is able to offer the desired answer to competitors such as Netflix and HBO. The platform is a great success to this day and still has Zuora as its base. We still provide 24/7 support and are on standby when major launches are scheduled and a spike in subscribers is expected. We actively monitor it and provide support where needed.


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