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Speakap - recurring business case



Speakap created a complete administration for its recurring, subscription business with Chargebee.

Mission: be scalable as a SaaS organisation and handle the increasing complexity in customer relationships well

Solution: 4NG provided complete administration for Speakap's recurring, subscription business with ChargeBee and the Exact Connector



A recurring business model for Speakap

For a successful transition to a recurring business model, Speakap was looking for a new system to manage their billing and customer portfolio (subscription management). They also needed solutions to link to their current accounting software and a new CRM.

As a SaaS organisation, Speakap wants to be scalable and able to properly handle the increasing complexity in customer relationships. They wanted to make sure they could invoice everything properly and completely. "If an order is closed then the invoice should be ready immediately. And then immediately a la minute the invoice out and quick reporting. Accurate data, real-time and reliable! Tight processes so you don't have to intervene as often."

So there was a big battle to be struck in terms of automation. At the time we were approached, the CRM, accounting and billing systems existed completely separate from each other. That meant they had to enter things into the billing system manually, which can go wrong and is inefficient.

A seamless integration

The main criteria for Speakap was the degree of integration with other systems they were using or planned to acquire. The software had to offer them the flexibility that if they ever wanted to switch accounting software, this was possible. They eventually chose Chargebee, combined with existing Exact Online accounting software and CRM from Salesforce.

As no link between Exact and Chargebee was yet possible, we built the Chargebee2Exact connector. This ensures that important objects are synchronised. Then the migration from the old CRM system to Salesforce began. This integrated the Chargebee billing and subscription software.

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"Thanks to Chargebee, we see immediate impact on the process and results. Maybe one day we will replace the accounting software. That is also possible given the flexibility of the API structure. You can take out a block if you want and put in another one. Speakap is ready for the future with this scalable solution. - Jos van Schaik - CFO at Speakap


The new systems have been phased in and rolled out in smaller countries first. The largest country was implemented in Q2 2021.

With Chargebee, Speakap has been able to make a huge impact in terms of automation. Information is available faster and it gives them a 360-degree view of the customer. Information comes from the same source, data is only generated once and is available to everyone in the company: sales, marketing, customer success management, support, revops and finance.

The entire 'Order to cash' pipeline is automated and integrated, including kpi's and forecasting. Speakap employees are very excited about the improvements and are now able to continue their rapid growth.


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