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Shiftbase innovates subscription management with Chargebee and support from PossibilIT



Shiftbase chooses Chargebee as subscription management and billing solution with help from PossibilIT

Since 2023, Shiftbase has been working with Chargebee and our Chargebee 2 Exact connector as a solution for managing and invoicing their subscriptions. Our consultants have worked hard over the past few months to set up Chargebee and carry out a data migration so that customers can be invoiced from Chargebee in the new year. Wondering why they chose Chargebee and how the implementation process went? Then read on.

About Shiftbase

Shiftbase offers an online application that allows businesses to efficiently manage their staff scheduling and administration. The tool allows employees to register their hours worked, view their roster and view their holiday hour balance. Shiftbase serves a large number of clients across various industries such as hospitality, healthcare and retail and offers these clients different packages with functionalities that best suit their needs.

Reason for project

Shiftbase was looking for a comprehensive solution to, besides managing and billing their subscriptions, be able to run pricing experiments, use different payment gateways and generate subscription reports in a centralised system.

''With the implementation of Chargebee, Shiftbase has a future-proof solution for their subscription management and billing that, in combination with our Chargebee 2 Exact connector, is also in sync with financial accounting.''

Process and implementation

To achieve this, PossibilIT supported Shiftbase with the implementation of Chargebee and the Chargebee 2 Exact connector to keep the new application in sync with financial accounting. Shiftbase sells both directly to customers and through organisations that act as intermediaries, so-called resellers. In the case of a reseller, either the reseller or the end customer pays. During the set-up of Chargebee and the data migration of current clients, this account hierarchy was taken into account and ensured that it was processed in Chargebee in a correct and insightful way.

During this migration, we touched almost all sub-areas of Chargebee and took into account different types of customers, including resellers, underlying customers and normal customers. These customers use different types of subscriptions, with different pricing models, price points, add-ons and so on. The implementation and data migration to Chargebee ensured that all types of customers entered Chargebee in the right way, with the right subscriptions, to be billed from Chargebee according to the right time.


With the implementation of Chargebee and the Chargebee 2 Exact connector, Shiftbase has taken a digitalisation step. This ensures that many manual operations have been eliminated. Chargebee ensures automatic invoicing and the Chargebee 2 Exact connector assures Shiftbase that their financial housekeeping is safeguarded.

After completion of the implementation, PossibilIT was allowed to further support Shiftbase by improving the integration between Chargebee and payment service provider Mollie. At PossibilIT, we believe in continuously supporting our customers and exploring ways to improve their solutions.

Wondering how a solution like Chargebee can help your organisation manage your subscriptions? Get in touch with us!

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