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Integrated CRM and Data Management Solution for Cyclomedia by PossibilIT



Cyclomedia and PossibilIT: A Future-Proof Integration


Cyclomedia, a leader in geospatial data, offers innovative products like 'Street Smart.' With 'Street Smart,' customers can easily explore detailed street views, aiding informed decisions in spatial planning and management. Despite this advanced solution, Cyclomedia faced challenges in data integration and customer management.

The Challenge

The Cyclomedia team used manual Excel files for data transfer between systems, leading to errors like duplicate records and inconsistencies. There was also a need for reliable and faster integration of all customer-related data with other systems within Cyclomedia, starting with HubSpot CRM.

Strategy and Approach

Wilco from PossibilIT aptly said, "What you want is a central hub that picks up events in other systems and translates them into changes in surrounding systems."

With this in mind, our Solution Architect Wilco defined a future-proof architecture. An additional benefit of this architecture is that development can be carried out in small steps, allowing Cyclomedia to determine which step should be automated first.


What Did PossibilIT Do?

  1. Central Service Concept: PossibilIT developed a middle layer that picks up data from various systems, like Cyclomedia's AMT (Account Management Tool), and seamlessly integrates it with other systems, such as Dynamics CRM, HubSpot CRM, and Chargebee.
  2. Automation: The time-consuming and error-prone manual Excel process was replaced by an automated system that keeps information in HubSpot up to date daily.
  3. Collaboration with Mollie and Chargebee: Although not directly connected to the Middleware project, PossibilIT's prior experience integrating systems like Chargebee and Mollie as a payment processor laid a solid foundation for the current integration challenges. These previous collaborations enhanced our knowledge and skills, enabling us to address Cyclomedia's unique needs.
  4. Global Data Model: Customer data standardized to a unified Cyclomedia customer model, facilitating easier integration of future systems.
  5. Mocker (Test) Library for HubSpot API V3: A virtual test environment allowing the team to test live changes without disrupting active systems. The partnership between PossibilIT and Cyclomedia extended beyond addressing immediate issues. This "mock" HubSpot testing environment was crucial in the entire process, and the 'Cyclomedia customer model' served as a robust foundation for integrations. This ensures that future systems can be added more easily without a complete rebuild.
  6. Monitoring Unsynced Records: To ensure all data is consistent and up-to-date, PossibilIT developed a special tool. This tool identifies records that have not successfully synced and clearly indicates the reason. This allows for quick detection and resolution of potential issues, ensuring no critical data is lost or overlooked.

The Integration Process Faced Several Challenges:

  1. API Limits of HubSpot: HubSpot has restrictions on the number of API calls. To stay within these limits, we implemented solutions that allow multiple actions in a single API call.
  2. New Customers in HubSpot: Handling data from customers not yet in HubSpot required a careful strategy. It was crucial to find a way to effectively synchronize these new customer details without disruption.
  3. Mapping Existing Customers: The challenge was not only to integrate new customers but also to ensure existing customer data was correctly mapped and updated in HubSpot.
  4. Invalid or Incorrect Data: For situations where certain data was incorrect or incomplete, we implemented mechanisms that halt synchronization to HubSpot until the issues are resolved.

Thanks to the expertise of PossibilIT, we tackled these challenges and had a smooth and controlled transition to the new way of working.


"A testament to PossibilIT's solutions in transforming the way we work." - Dianne from Cyclomedia

An Example

In Cyclomedia's AMT tool, users sometimes enter email addresses as usernames. HubSpot, however, strictly requires valid email addresses for correct processing. A solution was needed for this discrepancy. PossibilIT's systematic approach provided a robust solution that:

  • Identifies customers under email address.
  • Recognizes customers with an invalid email domain.
  • Updates data of records with a valid email address.

This enables Cyclomedia to confidently send data from their AMT to HubSpot, knowing the data will be correctly processed and stored.

The Result

The collaboration between Cyclomedia and PossibilIT illustrates technological advancement. By intelligently integrating systems, Cyclomedia can operate more efficiently, flexibly, and with an eye on future growth.

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