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Careium increases operational efficiency with Chargebee and 4NG



How Careium improved its operational efficiency with Chargebee & 4NG

Careium is the market leader in technology-assisted care in Europe, serving more than 400,000 users. Most of these users are connected to one of five response centres in Sweden, Norway and the UK, where more than 30,000 incoming alarms (requests from elderly customers) are handled daily.

The challenge: Before Chargebee, Careium was using a subscription management system that hindered their growth. It required a lot of time and effort to maintain the platform, caused long delays in processing data and became very difficult for their cross-functional teams to use.

At Careium, the Customer Success team is responsible for enrolling new subscribers in the subscription processing system. Often, the Customer Success Manager had to wait more than 15 minutes before the new subscription was even processed in the platform, which, in addition to frustration and inefficiency, hampered their customer experience.

After a thorough evaluation, Careium decided to switch to Chargebee because it was intuitive and addressed all the challenges they had before.

Go-Live Plans & tight deadlines to meet

Careium had a tight deadline to get their Chargebee instance live, and the dataset added an extra layer of complexity to the data migration. Given the time-bound nature of the request, Chargebee's Implementation Manager recommended working with an experienced Chargebee partner to outsource this, allowing Careium to save internal resources and go live on time. That was when they approached 4NG, a certified Chargebee partner based in the Netherlands.

Implementation of Chargebee with 4NG

When Careium contacted 4NG, the team was convinced of the confidence and experience they had with Chargebee. "After our interaction with 4NG, we knew they had the knowledge and experience to help us move this project forward within our expected timelines," said Rema Soni, financial controller at Careium.

Six weeks later, Rema was impressed that 4NG had completed everything needed to get them fully on board with Chargebee.

"4NG respected our deadline and worked very conscientiously to ensure our transition went smoothly. By working closely with us, holding regular project planning meetings and involving technical specialists where necessary, they helped us go live with Chargebee within six weeks!" - Rema Soni - Financial Controller, Careium


Because 4NG worked with Rema and the Careium team throughout every step of the implementation process, they didn't have to spend hours checking the work at the end of the process, which gave them an early ROI in terms of saved costs and time. Since 4NG set everything up in Chargebee, Careium's experience has been great. "I use Chargebee daily and I love that it is easy to use and does not cause any delays. Moreover, the reporting capabilities save us a lot of time and effort, especially at the end of the month," Rema said.

Currently, Careium's Customer Success Managers and finance teams use Chargebee as their source of truth to get information about their subscribers. The CSMs can onboard new subscribers in no time, which improves the overall efficiency of the team.

Careium definitely recommends Chargebee for any company with subscriptions and recommends outsourcing the implementation work to a trusted partner like 4NG.

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