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ACSI optimizes subscription management with Chargebee via PossibilIT



ACSI Chooses Chargebee for Subscription Management and Invoicing with the Help of PossibilIT

In 2023, ACSI began a collaboration with PossibilIT, deploying Chargebee and our Chargebee to Exact connector to optimize the management and invoicing of over 300,000 subscriptions. Our experts worked diligently on data migration and integration with a new online payment platform (Adyen), facing large volumes of data and strict deadlines. Curious about why ACSI chose Chargebee and how the implementation process went? Read on below.

About ACSI

ACSI's goal is to provide campers with the best possible camping holiday. They do this by informing campers about campsites, camping, camping holidays, and travel in general. Since 1965, ACSI has been Europe's camping specialist. Many know ACSI from the famous green camping guides to which people can subscribe. In addition, ACSI offers various apps and manages multiple websites full of camping information.

Reason for the project

ACSI was using another subscription management system that was impeding the company's growth and efficiency. This system was time-consuming and required a lot of manual work. ACSI was looking for a more efficient solution that would reduce manual tasks and at the same time improve flexibility and integration with existing systems.


"With the implementation of Chargebee, ACSI has a future-proof solution for their subscription management and billing that, combined with our Chargebee to Exact connector, is also in sync with financial accounting" - Suus


Process and implementation

To achieve this, PossibilIT supported ACSI with the implementation of Chargebee and the Chargebee to Exact connector. These were integrated with ACSI's existing systems to increase efficiency. Work was also done on seamless integration with the Apple Store and Google Play, so subscriptions coming through these channels are visible in Chargebee.

Attention was also given to migrating large amounts of data from the old system to Chargebee. This included migrating direct debit mandates to the new online payment platform Adyen.


Thanks to the implementation of Chargebee and the Chargebee to Exact connector, ACSI has made a significant step towards digitalization. Manual processes have been eliminated, resulting in a more efficient business process. Additionally, ACSI is now able to generate reports based on the data in Chargebee, saving them a lot of time and effort. Following the implementation, PossibilIT continued to support ACSI in developing a data warehouse. Here, all data comes together for a complete customer view and report generation.

Curious about how a solution like Chargebee can help your organization manage your subscriptions?