Z-CRM-365 is a self-developed system for CRM & subscription management

We are the market leader in developing subscription software with CRM systems.

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Integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Zuora

Z-CRM-365 ensures a close integration between Zuora and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Do you use MS Dynamics365 and Zuora as a company? Easily convert your sales opportunities and quotations into Zuora subscriptions by adding this together with the Z-CRM365 system.

Z-CRM365 synchronizes both systems – Zuora and Microsoft Dynamics 365 – for subscription, payment and billing information. Invoices are not physically stored in MS 365, but can be sent (again) to the customer or any email adress with a simple click of a button.

We have implemented Subscription Management for these companies:

Manage your subscriptions

Everything clearly arranged in one place

With Zuora you can easily create new subscriptions yourself. For example, choose monthly or annual invoicing. Zuora also gives you the tools to design and add possible upgrades and add-ons. You can then measure these again to keep track of how often they are purchased.

The built-in dashboard also provides a good overview of the income. In addition, you get real-time insights about your customers, so that you can always and immediately make adjustments.


Easy, reliable and simple

The Z-CRM365 solution is packaged in a single zip file and can be easily imported into any Dynamics 365 environment. After importing, you only need to configure login credentials for Zuora so that the solution can connect to the Zuora API. Subscription sales can now be made within Dynamics 365, managed by the world’s leading subscription billing solution, Zuora.

Z-CRM365 is a Dynamics 365 solution. Reliable, safe and easy to implement. Includes a hosted cloud service on the Microsoft Azure platform that offers all the benefits of the Azure platform, including 99.95% availability, automatic scalability and more.

It’s easy to use:

  • Provides interface between MS Dynamics 365 and Zuora.
  • Continue to use your sales process with opportunities and/or quotes from MS Dynamics 365 to create and manage subscriptions.
  • Track your earnings with Zuora, the leading subscription billing tool.
Z-CRM-365 cases

We are proud to work for

Support of the quote-to-subscription process for Priva.

The synchronization of account, subscription, invoice and product catalog data from Zuora to Microsoft Dynamics for PTV Group.

Also step into the growing Subscription market

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