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Especially for publishers: Zuora for Publishers (Z4P). Full support in subscription processes.

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Especially for publishers

PossibilIT offers publishers all related subscription processes as a solution. This is based on a combination of two world-leading SaaS services: Salesforce CRM and Zuora. This standard combination of ‘Zuora + Salesforce’ is successfully implemented by many companies to manage their subscriptions. Still, this lacks the full support of the functionality required for a publisher. To address this functionality gap, PossibilIT has developed a package called Zuora for Publishers (Z4P), which contains several modules.

We have implemented Subscription Management for the following companies.

A solution with different systems

The total solution can be integrated with the following systems:

External integrations
  • The software can be integrated with external web shops by means of incoming API calls.
  • By importing a CSV file, external marketing agencies can also integrate the system.
  • The data warehouse can be used for reporting and analysis.
Other integrations
  • Party-specific CSV export can be used to integrate with multiple fulfillment parties.
  • This solution also works with payment providers, via inbound/outbound API calls (PSP = Adyen)
  • Integration with the bank (Bank = ING) is possible via incoming/outgoing SEPA files.
  • This is also possible with Gigya, by using a standard Salesforce connector.
Cloud services

In addition, we also configure 2 additional cloud services to implement the necessary interfaces:

  • Payment Gateway: interfacing between Zuora and PSP/Banko with Salesforce Z4P for payment registration and payment matching.
  • Pentaho ETL: Deploy all bulk interfaces from Salesforce/Zuora to other systems.
Featured case

A chocolate subscription for the world famous Tony's Chocolonely with the integration of Chargebee.

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Grow with Z4P

Zuora for Publishers (Z4P) modules

1. Edition management

Consists of managing magazine titles and their editions. It also distributes the expenses to all active subscriptions, including digital access and B2B. There is also an automatic recognition of deferred earnings based on the edition calendar.

2. Project Management

With this, bundles with magazine titles can be managed. Second, it ensures a short time-to-market for campaign products, including bonuses and/or discounts. Finally. basis management can be done for stock products.

3. Order management (of new subscriptions and one-off products).

With order management orders can be imported from API. Larger orders from CSV can also be imported. Orders can be created manually from Salesforce UI. This module is also excellent for distributing one-off products, premiums and welcome/farewell letters.

4. Subscription management for CSRs

A clear overview can be displayed here of all subscriptions, payments, deliveries, complaints and orders of a customer. Furthermore, questions and complaints from customers can be registered and handled. The additional options are:

  • Cancel, suspend and change subscriptions
  • Change customer data (change future/temporary addresses, IBAN)
  • Implement Right-to-be forgotten
5. Debtor management

Credit management consists of the following points:

  • Support for advanced B2B billing, including account hierarchy.
  • Automatically retries to collect payments and send invoice reminders.
  • Automatic cancellation of bad debt subscriptions.
  • Support matching unknown payments with existing invoices.
Subscription Management cases

We are proud to work for

A chocolate subscription for the world famous brand Tony’s Chocolonely.

Subscription data in 1 overview with the implementation of, among others, Salesforce and Zuora.

The development of a login and subscription module for Videoland.

Manage your subscriptions smartly with Chargebee

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