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SuM automates your subscription management, simplifies your workflow and is easy and cost effective.

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Subscription solution for Dynamics CRM

With SuM you can easily add products to your subscription series. Each subscription has its own values, subscription-related characteristics such as duration and standard follow-up products for the subscription. SuM is also extremely suitable for conducting membership administration.

  • It is possible to enter, manage and offer (volume) discounts for each product or service for which a subscription can be taken out.
  • Add updates or titles to products, services and titles if you expect to publish regularly.
  • Create packages to bundle benefits or combine titles, products and services.
  • It is possible to link premiums to specific subscriptions when they subscribe.

We have implemented Subscription Management for these companies:

A new CRM subscription

Develop different plans quickly

A new subscription always starts in SuM with an existing account (company) or contact person, already entered in SuM. You use the standard Dynamics CRM functionalities to manage existing accounts, contacts and address details.

With SuM you quickly choose the subscription that the customer wants, and the Quick Subscription Entry form gives you an overview of a filtered list of relevant subscriptions. This form automatically fills in the fields from Dynamics CRM as much as possible.

Optionally, you can give different values yourself and create special subscriptions, for example a different recipient, debtor, extra copies to the same address, a manual discount or a different price.

Retain your customers

Automatic renewal process with SuM

With subscription management solution CRM SuM you can easily activate an extension process. This will select all active subscriptions with an end date in the near future. A new subscription period will follow, which means an extension of the subscription. From here the system creates a CRM Order and a CRM Invoice.

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Subscription Management cases

We are proud to work for

Zuora integration with the existing CRM system of the review platform Feefo.

System for De Evangelische Omroep (EO) to administer relationships and memberships.

The synchronization of account, subscription, invoice and product catalog data from Zuora to Microsoft Dynamics for PTV Group.

Also step into the growing Subscription market

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