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Integrate the latest payment gateway solution with Zuora, in a very secure way and increase the efficiency of your payment process.

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Payment Gateway service

Payment solutions for Zuora subscriptions

The PossibilIT Payment Gateway (PgW) is a central service that connects the Zuora Billing Engine with various financial organizations such as Payment Service Providers (PSP and/or banks. The PgW provides one process and delivery channel for all your credit card, SEPA direct debit or any of the other supported payment method orders. The PgW is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that is reliable, secure and easy to integrate.
Hosted as a cloud service on the Microsoft Azure platforms that offers all the benefits of the Azure platform including 99.95% availability, automatic and scalability and more.

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Payment Gateway

Why it is easy to integrate

Integrate with Zuora

Zuora is the world’s leading subscription management platform. Our Cloud based software makes it possible for companies to launch subscription models and manage the full lifecycle of their subscribers. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Payment methods

The PgW architecture integrates with any PSP that supports payment methode tokenization. By using tokenization, sensitive information about the payment method such as credit card number and CVV code is captured by PSP checkout pages and stored securely on the PSP’s own server. By using the tokenized payment payment methods, the PgW can support any payment method.

Featured case

A chocolate subscription for the world famous Tony's Chocolonely with the integration of Chargebee.

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We ensure the correct implementation

1. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) - solution

Because PgW is a SaaS, it can be integrated in a reliable, safe and simple way.

2. Hosted on Microsoft Azure

It is hosted as a cloud service on the Azure platform and therefore offers 99.95% availability, automatic scalability and more.

3. Close integration with Zuora

Provides the interface for PSPs not natively supported by Zuora. The functionality of the PgW is comparable to the functionality of standard gateways.

4. Support any PSP

The PgW integrates with any PSP that supports payment methode tokenization. It also uses a plug-and-play interface to connect to various PSPs and banks. We currently support the following PSPs:

Subscription Management cases

We are proud to work for

A chocolate subscription for the world famous brand Tony’s Chocolonely.

Subscription data in 1 overview with the implementation of, among others, Salesforce and Zuora.

The development of a login and subscription module for Videoland.

Manage your subscriptions smartly with Chargebee

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